Yeah it might be. I do think that Oliver and Diggle train her, we just don’t see it. Because they wouldn’t let her not be trained, it’d be irresponsible in that sense. So I think she’s learning self-defence but we just might not see it on camera. But, yeah, it’d be nice to do more.
Do you think that will become a reason for Felicity to get some more fight training? - x (via ohmyolicity)
I love working with the other women on our show, but I don’t get to work with them a whole lot. Working with Katie Cassidy was fun for a split second, because I don’t get to do that a lot, but it’s always nice to work with new people. I’ve never worked with Willa [Holland] even though we’re friends.
Will she have more interaction with Laurel or Thea? - x (via ohmyolicity)


and this scene right here between Felicity and Oliver speaks to that in volumes. It is one of my favorite scenes. To me, it shows how protective he is of her.

He gets all growly when he finds out where she is after she calls him to tell him that Tockman took the bait…